Монгол хэл, бичгийн багш нарын Үндэсний Холбоо

МХББНҮХолбооны албан ёсны сайт

Alena Oberfalzerova

Alena Oberfalzerova (b. 1963) graduated from Charles University in Mongolian and Russian (1986) and ethnology (1991). In 2002 she received her Ph.D. in Mongolian. She has also completed training in psychodynamic and depth psyhotherapy (2001) and family therapy (2006). At present she teaches Mongolian at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. Among her man areas of academic interest are tradional Mongolian culture, the study of dreams, and the ethnography of communication. For the last nine years she has been visiting Mongolia regularly, conducting fieldwork, particularly in the Mongolian countryside.

She received Mongolian famous linguist Choi.Luvsanjav’s awards in 2007.

From the book “Metaphors and Nomads” 2004,


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